Oil Spill Study at Chennai Port Area, TamilnaduUpdated on Feb 8, 2017
The collision of two tankers LPG Tanker BW Maple and MT Dawn Kanchipuram oil tanker at 0400 hrs on 28.01.2017 at Kamraj Port has caused oil pollution and has spread to the surrounding areas. NRSC analysed microwave SAR data and optical data to monitor the oil spill. Read More

SCATSAT-1 Global Wind Vector Visualization
Three dimensional global wind vector data visualization aids in monitoring wind speed and direction which is useful for Atmospheric and Oceanographic applications. Read More

SCATSAT-1 satellite was launched on 26th September, 2016. Ku band Scatterometer is the main sensor on board this satellite and the data is very useful for Atmospheric and Oceanographic Applications. NRSC is happy to announce the release of SCATSAT-1 Wind Products (BETA version) to all users from October 19, 2016 onwards. Read More


In celebration of World Space Week NRSC Outreach Facility, Jeedimetla Campus and Exhibition Area, Balanagar Campus are open to Students from Oct 4, 2017 to Oct 8, 2017. Know More