NRSC is happy to release RESOURCESAT-2A LISS-III standard products and AWIFS quadrant products from date of passes starting from January 6, 2017 onwards. For AWiFS all quadrants can be ordered from January 6 to April 10 2017. A and C quadrants can be ordered from April 11 onwards. Orders can be placed online through User Order Processing System. For further details please contact data[at]nrsc[dot]gov[dot]in

Scatsat-1 Operational ProductsNEW
SCATSAT-1 satellite carrying Ku band scatterometer was launched on 26th September, 2016. It provides back-scattering coefficient (sigma – 0) over whole globe and Wind products over ocean surface. This data is very useful for various Atmospheric, Oceanographic as well as land applications. NRSC is happy to announce the release of operational Sigma – 0 and Wind Products to all users from 24th April 2017 onwards. All old data sets starting from 12th October, 2016 to 23rd April, 2017 are planned to be reprocessed and will be made available very shortly. These products will be available in 25 km and 50 km grids in HDF5 format Read More

RISAT SigmaSAR (Beta version 3.1)NEW
SigmaSARV3 software is  a GUI-based Application  developed at Microwave  Remote Sensing and Data Processing Division, MRSDPD/MRS&GDPG/DPPA&WAA/NRSC to generate Despeckled Sigma Naught  and Gamma Naught Backscatter Images for Level-2 GeoTIFF Level-1 Ground Range and  Level-1 Slant Range data products of FRS-1 ,FRS-2, MRS and CRS  acquisition modes of  RISAT-1 .Download. User Manual can be downloaded here


In celebration of World Space Week NRSC Outreach Facility, Jeedimetla Campus and Exhibition Area, Balanagar Campus are open to Students from Oct 4, 2017 to Oct 8, 2017. Know More