Water Resources

Water Resources

Infrastructure forms an integral part for growth and development of any region. Satellite images, owing to their spatial, temporal and spectral characteristics, provide valuable information about the land-use/ land-cover (present and past), existing infrastructure, terrain characteristics etc., which are vital to facilitate infrastructure planning, monitoring and management in a timely and cost-effective manner. Geographical Information System (GIS) with customised decision support tools facilitate integrated analysis of different datasets and their visualisation.

Major Highlights

Major Benefits

 • Baseline information for decision support for effective planning, monitoring and management of water resources
 • Frameworks for water resource models

Research Areas

  • Development  of  real-time  tracking  and  decision  support systems to provide hydrological outlook for the country
  • Assessment of  Hydrological drought Specific inputs for Inter-linking of rivers
  • Glacial  lake hazard zonation  and GLOF (Glacial Lake Outburst Flood)  simulations
  • Software  tools  for  online  monitoring  and  assessment  mechanisms
  • Development of WR assessment and forecast models
  • Quantification of ground water recharge
  • Effect of climate and land-use/ land-cover change on hydrologic regime of river basins

Operational Products or Services

 Completed Programmes / Projects

Ongoing Programmes / Projects

Water Resources