Workshop On NUIS, 2014

Under National Urban Information System (NUIS) thematic geospatial database at 1:10,000 scale is prepared from high resolution satellite data for 152 towns, as basic spatial input for master plan preparation. For effective utilisation of these database elements, Secretary (UD), Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) decided to provide the access of the NUIS towns' geospatial databases to the Urban Local Bodies(ULBs) through Bhuvan Geoportal, developed by NRSC/ ISRO. The MoUD was also instrumental in obtaining necessary MoD approvals to publish NUIS databases on Bhuvan Geoportal. Accordingly, the NUIS geospatial database was published on Bhuvan, during July, 2012, for both public viewing and for ULBs, as GIS database. The first National Workshop on Bhuvan for the stake holders was conducted on 31st July, 2012 to popularise on the use of Remote sensing and Geospatial technology for master plan preparation.

Further, on the behest of MoUD, a web based geospatial framework and software tools were designed and developed on Bhuvan platform for effective online use of remote sensing satellite data, GIS map layers, its updation and analysis framework for the preparation of Master Plans. NRSC realised these tools on Bhuvan platform using open source tools and technologies. The Beta version of Bhuvan-NUIS was realised and showcased on many occasions to the Ministry and other users of the package. This was also presented and demonstrated in the 8th NNRMS Standing Committee (Urban Development), the SC-U, meeting during March, 2014.

The NNRMS SC-U took a decision to conduct multi-tier workshops across the country on this new tool “The Bhuvan-NUIS”. Accordingly, NRSC/ISRO prepared necessary plans to conduct National, Regional and State level workshops, in consultation with MoUD and TCPO. The focus of these workshops was to build necessary capacity amongst the stake holders, including the Principal Secretaries of Urban Development, Chief Town Planners, Directors of Town & Country Planners, ULBs, Urban Development Authorities, to utilise such online geospatial tools to prepare master plans for the respective States.

Further, with the joint coordination of NRSC, TCPO and MoUD, a series of workshops were conducted across the country, in a phased manner. To facilitate such a large scale training and capacity building on this technology, common standards were arrived at, with respect to the training material, documents/manuals, multimedia tutorials, presentation material and the modes of delivery of the training itself at all venues. NRSC, systematically developed all required material for the training adhering to common standards, as decided, on Bhuvan-NUIS. The details of the training martial are given in the Annexure IV. Based on the above, following workshops were scheduled to be conducted at various venue in the country for different target groups/stakeholders.

Date & Venue Details
28th March 2014 at NRSC Hyderabad Training of the Trainers (TOT) for the selected Scientists of NRSC, RRSCs and IIRS. In order to build capacity amongst ISRO scientists to help in holding simultaneous workshops in all ISRO / DOS centres.
5th April 2014 at NRSC Hyderabad National workshop on Bhuvan-NUIS and release of Software tools and Standard Content/ Training material for all subsequent workshops across the country. The Target Group was Senior level town & Country Planning officers, Secretaries/ Principal Secretaries to State Govt., Commissioners, Directors‘ of TCPO etc
15th April 2014, at NRSC Hyderabad, Regional Centers (Bangalore, Kolkata, Jodhpur, Nagpur), IIRS-Dehradun and NESAC-Shillong Conduct of Regional level workshops on Bhuvan-NUIS, simultaneously at 7 different locations across the country. The target Group included the middle level town & Country Planning officers.
22nd April, 2014 (Onwards) State level Workshops For Working level town & Country Planning personnel at various State and Union Territories in a phased manner.

 So far NRSC, with the help of MoUD, TCPO and State Remote Sensing Application Centres, could successfully conduct workshops at Hisar, Haryana ( 22nd April 2014), Bangalore, Karnakata ( 23rd April 2014), Ludhiana, Punjab (24th April 2014), Chennai, Tamil Nadu & Puducherry (29th April, 2014), Nagpur, Maharastra (29th April 2014), Raipur, Chattisgarh(29th April 2014), Jaipur, Rajasthan (29th April 2014), Kolkata, West Bengal(17th May, 2014). Remaining state workshops have been planned in May, 2014). The Target Group is City /Town level surveyors, draftsmen, junior town planning officers.

Workshop On NUIS, 2014