Director's Message

Welcome to the new NRSC Website. The reach of geospatial technologies continues to increase everyday and geospatial information now constitutes a very dominant factor in ICT. NRSC has been a major force in adoption and use of geospatial technologies in the country through its activities in aerial and satellite data acquisition, data supply, mapping and nation-wide projects on behalf of DOS as well as user agencies. NRSC is now part of several exciting developments which are of immense benefit to all users. These include real time global product supply (e.g, global scatterometer wind products), very high data throughput and rapid supply through IMGEOS projects, global near real-time data acquisition by establishing a ground station at Antartica and providing data visualization and WebGIS by Bhuvan portal. The new website clearly brings these developments to all users.

I am glad to release the new version of NRSC website and compliment the team that has worked so hard to achieve a user friendly website that addressess all contemporary requirements. In an ever evolving society of Information era, websites serve as ambassadors in projecting organisation's capabilities, achievements & services and bring them closer to the society.

The current version addressess several improvements through refinement of scalable architecture & content. For the users the navigation has been made friendlier and feature rich. This includes a learning module, enhanced data products & services through exemplified case studies, directory to publications both by the individuals and the organisation, improved quick links, image gallery etc which should improve public curiosity, understanding and feedback for further improvement. I believe the website shall endear to the users by creating an overall appreciation for satellite remote sensing and pave way for its further utilization.

Once again I congratulate the website design and implementation team for their painstaking efforts in systematic improvements in bringing out the current version.

Dr. Y.V.N. Krishna Murthy



Director's Message