Monitoring of Agriculture Residue Burning using Satellite Data
Monitoring of residue burning using satellite data is possible and has the advantage of covering large areas in space and time. Further, information on active fire locations in near real time on an operational basis is much desired for policy makers and managers. Read More

Enhanced Terrain Geo Referenced
An improved version of currently operational RISAT-1 Level-2 Terrain corrected Geo-Referenced Product named as "Level-2A Enhanced Terrain corrected Geo-Referenced Product" is available to the users from October 1, 2015 onwards.Read More..

Odisha Floods - 2015
Heavy incessant rains were reported in Odisha state during the last week of July, 2015. Major flood inundation was observed in Baleshwar, Bhadrak, Jajpur and Kendraparha districts. NRSC acquired & analyzed Radarsat-2 satellite data of 1st August 2015. Read More